With so much to comment on, I want to start on Iowa’s interpretation of the rights of people of same gender to get married. YES to Iowa. I have searched high and low to find reasons why people of the same sex should not be able to get married and there are no reasons to block such unions. Further, frankly it is not of our business who enters into Holy matrimony; this decision is between the betrothed and God himself, we are not purveyors. Those who have so much time to criticize and interfere with a love just because they don’t understand it need to contemplate their own situations. The assertion that same sex marriages will harm family values is a fallacy based on fluff. Family values have been in jeopardy for a very long time and will continue to be until people look at home for the reasons, focusing on their own families first. Divorce, unfaithfulness, lack of shared family time THROUGHOUT your children’s lives, such things need to be attended to immediately. Finding fault with others is too often a way to avoid dealing with issues at home. I know I did that with my first marriage; luckily God delivered me from that path and I am in a wonderful second marriage. Don’t harm others just to make you feel better about yourself.